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All areas shaded in red are "officially" Conway, South Carolina

The Riverwalk Area - a must!

Downtown Area / Theatre of The Republic

Conway is only 30 minutes away from Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, Broadway at The Beach in Myrtle Beach, and The Marsh Walk in Murrells Inlet!

Helpful Navigation Hints On Getting Around in Conway!

  • Coming in from Myrtle Beach you can come into Conway from either 501 Bus or 501 Bypass - either way! And both of these roads intersect with 4th Avenue (Hwy 701) which takes you through downtown!
  • Coming in from Aynor.. just keep coming up 501 and you will run right into us! Most visitors will then turn left onto Highway 701 and go into downtown. Want the scenic route? Once you get into town turn left on 16th Avenue and then take a right on 501 Bus to get to downtown.

  • Navigate like a local! Beat the traffic!

  • Coming in from Aynor... turn left on Cultra Road to go around town and come in the back way from the east on Highway 905
  • Coming in from Aynor... turn right on El Bethal Road to go around town and come in the back way from the west on Highway 378

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